Two space tourists returned from the International Space Station

Two Japanese space tourists with letters Yusaku Maizawa, Billionaire entrepreneurship and Yuzo Hirano, A video producer with a veteran astronaut named Alexander Mysorkin They returned to Earth on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

The three departed from the International Space Station on Sunday, December 19, 2021 (December 28, 1400) at 18:50 Eastern time, and landed in Kazakhstan at about 22:10 (9:10 local time) about three hours later. they came.


The moment the smiling Mizawa leaves the spacecraft

Yosaku Maizawa, a young Japanese investor and billionaire, made his fortune from online clothing retail and the launch of the Zozotown online shopping website. During his space adventure, he shared a number of tweets and videos, such as the stunning time-lapse of a complete orbit and an instructional video on how to use space toilets, to document his experiences of space travel. He also traveled a total of 4.6 million miles (7.4 million kilometers) and 289 times in space.

According to digitaltrends, since 2009, this is the first space trip to be made at personal expense and the exact figure has not been determined yet. However, Maizawa recently announced that it had paid about $ 80 million for this unique trip.

It goes without saying that the International Space Station hosted two Russian filmmakers for a short stay in October 2021; But the trip was organized by the Russian Federal Space Agency under a contract with several media companies, and the same organization was responsible for all its expenses.

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Recent space tourism trips reflect the renewed efforts of space agencies to commercialize the International Space Station and raise funds for further space exploration and research.

NASA plans to take three tourists to the space station for 10 days early next year. This mission is carried out with the help of SpaceX hardware and is organized by Axiom space tourism company.

After space travel, Maizawa now turns its attention to a much more ambitious mission, flying over the moon. He recently signed a contract with SpaceX for an empty seat on the Ilan Mask spacecraft, and the company hopes to be able to carry out this mission in the coming years.

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