Twitter’s video app will be released for smart TVs


Elon Musk It has confirmed that a dedicated app for watching Twitter videos for smart TVs is under development. In his recent 97-minute interview with the English rapper, Musk Zuby “We really need a Twitter video app for smart TVs,” he said.

Mask “It will be released,” he explained, without giving further details such as a timeframe for the release of Twitter’s video app for smart TVs. Now it remains to be seen whether the mentioned application will be included in the paid subscription of Twitter Blue or not.

According to one of Twitter’s support documents, it is now possible to watch the platform’s live streaming videos on devices equipped with large screens such as Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. Xbox or Android TV owners can also access Twitter videos through a web browser.

written by NeowinTwitter recently hired a new CEO and plans to focus on video and commercial partnerships to find more ways to make money. It is said that vertical videos have taken more than 10% of the time spent on this social platform.

Linda YacarinoTwitter’s CEO indicated in a call with investors that the company is in talks with political figures and celebrities from entertainment, payment services, news and media publishers to work with them.

The news of the release of Twitter’s video program comes as the popular platform Vimeo announced the suspension of its television broadcast a few weeks ago. Meanwhile, Twitter has been in the news for other reasons, such as not paying rent for some of its offices, including the Colorado office.

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