Twitter’s mistake caused its users to flock to rival social networks

Twitter’s mistake caused its users to flock to rival social networks


Twitter had a tumultuous few days late last week. Elon Musk On Saturday of this week, by publishing a tweet, this social network announced that by limiting the accounts that are not subscribed to the Blue service, it will only provide them with the possibility of viewing 600 posts per day, and after reaching this level, normal users will receive a rate-limit error message. exceeded will be found at the top of the site.

The recent restriction of Twitter caused many users of this platform to use competing services, and this issue led to the explosive growth of the number of users of some Twitter competitors in recent days.

Of all the new Twitter competitors, Spill seems to have hosted the largest number of users on the social network. Founded by a group of ex-Twitter employees, Spill aims to create a social platform for different communities. The program started working on a trial basis a few weeks ago, but it is said that it has gained more than 100,000 new users in recent days.

Spill has also been successful in attracting a celebrity audience, with the likes of Keke Palmer and Ava DuVernay recently posting a link on their Twitter accounts that directs users to their Spill page.

At the time of writing this article, the Spill app is ranked first in the App Store’s social networking section and third among all apps.

Alphonso Terrell“They tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were actually seeds,” Spill CEO tweeted.

Bluesky decentralized application that Jack DorseyThe founder of Twitter launched it and had very good conditions during the past days. According to the announcement TechCrunchThe number of users of this social platform increased from about 184 thousand people on Friday to about 238 thousand people on Monday. Of course, Bluesky registration is still only possible by invitation.

Twitter’s other competitor, Post, which is more focused on publishers, said that the number of daily active users of the platform has almost quadrupled since Saturday, and the number of new signups has increased by about 10 times.

Although the limit on the number of posts shown to free Twitter users seems to have been reduced, any wrong move by the platform will cause more of its users to migrate to competing social networks. Mastodon, whose Android version was released last week, is now known as Twitter’s leading competitor. before Mask After taking over Twitter, Mastodon had about 380,000 monthly active users, and this number increased to 2.5 million in just two months. Of course, currently the active users of the open source social platform have decreased to 1.4 million people, but it is still three times more than the number of monthly active users in the previous year.

On the other hand, Meta plans to soon unveil a social network similar to Twitter called Threads.


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