Twitter shares a portion of advertising revenue with subscribing users

Elon Musk It says Twitter will share revenue from ads that appear in Tweet replies with people who have purchased a monthly subscription to Twitter Blue Verified. According to Twitter’s CEO, accounts using the old version of the blue tick will lose the blue tick in a few months if they don’t get Twitter Blue Verified.

The plan to share advertising revenue with content creators has officially started, but we still don’t know what mechanism Twitter will use.

According to VergeThe subscription version of Twitter normally costs eight dollars per month, but if you do it through the App Store or Google Play, you will be required to pay $11 per month. The cheapest version of Twitter’s subscription service comes when you purchase an annual plan. This plan costs $84.

It is not clear how much revenue each ad displayed in the replay section brings to the content creator. It’s hard to speculate because Twitter doesn’t have an interesting relationship with advertising companies.

While Twitter’s new design was introduced in an unexpected manner, Elon Musk has long indicated the importance he places on content creators.

One of the advantages of Twitter’s subscription service is the possibility of publishing higher quality images and longer videos. Twitter now also displays the number of views of tweets.

Twitter has long made it possible for content creators to monetize with features like Tips and Super Follows, but ad revenue sharing is a fairly new phenomenon. With this new plan, Twitter can better compete with platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok.

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