Twitter pays 10% more to YouTube content creators

Elon Musk And Twitter employees held their first meeting since the purchase of this social network. Mask It encourages Twitter staff to attract more YouTubers to the platform. He claims that he is willing to increase their wages by 10% compared to YouTube to attract YouTubers. The richest man in the world tends to have more video content published on the social network under his ownership. Mask In this meeting, he said that Twitter is investigating video content and increasing the income of content creators, and it is possible to offer the permission to upload longer videos. Today, most content creators upload original videos to YouTube and TikTok or mobile platforms and then link to them on their Twitter account.

Mask says:

If content creators can publish their videos on Twitter and earn as much as their YouTube channel, they will naturally post their videos on Twitter as well, but currently content creators cannot post longer videos, so their monetization from our platform is not enough. .

YouTube videos are currently limited to 140 seconds. Mask He stated in this regard:

These are not super complicated things and require very basic technologies. We are not trying to kill YouTube, I just want to ask if we really need to drive a lot of traffic to YouTube.

Elon Musk Looking to improve Twitter’s video capabilities. According to the report GizchinaYouTube’s ad revenue in the third quarter of 2022 was over $7 billion, and by comparison, Twitter’s total revenue was just $1.18 billion during this time frame. Mask Since taking over the social network on October 27, it has laid off thousands of employees.

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Musk told remaining employees on Thursday that paying content creators is important. He said in part of his explanation:

Think of a group of YouTube content creators that we find attractive; Tell them if you’re thinking of putting a video on Twitter? We pay you 10% more than YouTube.

Elon Musk He also stated:

By browsing Twitter videos in full screen mode, you can watch them. Twitter content is actually not bad. You see a lot of funny and entertaining videos and I think it makes a lot of sense to create new content based on that.

Actually, a lot of people don’t know about Twitter’s video feature, and I didn’t mention it until this morning, so trying to introduce new video features would be a great move.

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