Twitter is testing a new Explorer tab for vertically navigating TikTok-style content

Twitter is currently testing several new changes to its platform, including a negative vote button, a new promotional template, iOS chats, the ability to upload longer videos, and more. While these features are not yet available to all users, this social network is testing another change that brings the modified user interface to the Explore tab.

According to xda-developers, Twitter has announced that it is testing a new look for the TikTok-style Explore tab, which will allow content to be scrolled vertically. As you can see in the image above, the new Explore tab looks much better than it does now. In the new look, you will get rid of the COVID-19, News Sports, and Entertainment tabs that appeared at the top, and only the “For you” and “Trending” tabs will be displayed.

In the video by Matt Navara Shared, you can see the new “For you” tab, which has a TikTok-like content style that allows users to move tweets vertically.

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According to Twitter, the new Explore tab is now being tested and is available to select Indian users in the latest version of Android and iOS. The company has not yet announced a specific time to expand this feature to other countries.

In addition, Twitter recently introduced a new Labs feature that gives Twitter Blue subscribers early access to new features and tests.

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