Twitter is likely to help monetize content creators with its in-app coins

Apparently Elon Musk It has a new plan for Twitter that allows you to earn money through this social platform. Two app researchers have shared screenshots that show Twitter is testing its in-app digital currency called Coin. This currency helps content creators through a proprietary social platform Maskearn income.

Jin Manchun Wang And Nima Oji There are two application researchers who have shared images of Twitter’s new functionality in recent days. The two researchers’ posts show that Coins is actually a feature developed based on Twitter’s current tipping feature. In the image that Wang And Oji It has been mentioned that Twitter Coins allow users to support content creators of their choice. In addition, the image that Oji In December, it shared a new feature called Coins.

to report Android, it’s unclear at this time exactly what Twitter’s plans are for domestic coins or when the feature will be publicly available. Leaked screenshots show that Twitter plans to feature coins prominently on its platform.

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