Twitter allows full articles to be published as posts


According to Elon MuskA new feature on Twitter allows users to publish articles on this social network. This feature will enable the publication of “very long and complex posts with multimedia content”.

The Twitter feature called Articles was previously known as Notes. Elon Musk says that Articles is currently in development. Articles allows you to publish even an entire book on Twitter.

Twitter now has several ways to publish a post. Previously, the posts of this social network were limited to 280 characters, but today, users who get the subscription version of Blue will be able to write tweets with 10,000 characters.

to the writing of VergeArticles are another way of Twitter to attract the attention of content producers. This social network has recently shared a part of the advertising income with Blue service users and plans to increase the income of its users even more soon.

Elon Musk has not yet said when the Articles feature will be available.

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