Tutorial for hiding red notifications on Macs

Macaws usually show programs with two types of notifications: one is a simple red dot and the other is a red dot with a number inside it (indicating the number of notifications). It is useful to know how many unread texts you have; But no one needs to be reminded of 50,000 unread emails a day.

If you are bothered by the notification icon next to the application icon, you can turn off the display quickly. In this article, we will teach you how to hide the red notification mark on a Mac.

Hide red notifications on Mac

By clicking on the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the Mac screen, System Preferences Open.

Tutorial to hide red notifications on Mac

In System Preferences, an option Notifications Choose.

Tutorial to hide red notifications on Mac

In the Notifications section, you will see a set of installed applications on the left. Select the applications that show you the notifications, and mark the box to the right Badge App Icon Remove.

Tutorial to hide red notifications on Mac

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You can repeat this process for all other programs that display these tokens. By removing the mark Badge App IconGet rid of the annoying red sign; But apps will still show you notifications.

After doing this, remember that you no longer have any markers to remind you of unread notifications, and if you miss the app notification message, you will need to sign in to find out if you have an unread message.

We hope you find this tutorial useful. Does the red notification mark on the Mac work for you Zomit users or do you find it annoying?

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