Turning on Toyota cars using smart switches costs up to $ 80 a year

Toyota to allow drivers to remotely use their vehicles Physical remote control (key fob) If they turn on, he will receive money from them. According to a report by The Drive, 2018 or newer Toyota models will need to purchase a subscription to take advantage of the car’s remote switching function with a smart switch.

Buyers will be able to choose from a range of services whenever they need to buy a new Toyota, according to The Drive. One of these services is Remote Connect It is called that allows you to drive your car remotely.

Buyers will be given a free trial of Remote Connect; But its duration depends on the car audio package. It should be noted that only some Toyota models are from the Audio Plus package Or Support Premium Audio. These two packages are the only ones that come with the free trial version of Remote Connect.

The ability to turn on the car with a smart switch is tied to the car audio package. This issue was first identified by a Reddit user. In his post, he linked to a PDF file Content Marketing Remote Connect put Toyota; Of course, this post is marked with the phrase “possibly misleading”. Toyota has now confirmed that users will have to pay for the service by purchasing a subscription after the end of the free trial period.

The published PDF file details the Remote Connect feature and its connection to the Audio Plus and Premium Audio packages. While a car with Audio Plus Provides this feature to drivers for three years, a car with Audio Premium is purchased, it can offer the feature of turning on the car remotely for 10 years. Drivers then have to pay $ 8 a month or $ 80 a year for full Remote Connect service.

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On Toyota’s Remote Connect screen, it is not clear whether this program includes the ability to remotely turn on the car with a smart switch. The service is said to allow drivers to use their smartwatch, smart home devices or smartphone to start their cars, but no further details are available.

Typically, features such as remote car launching are limited to the luxury brands in the automotive world. In 2018, Beaumo forced drivers to spend $ 300 on the annual Apple Car Play subscription in addition to the $ 300 they paid for the feature in the first place; Of course, the German automaker backed down almost two years later; However, buyers still have to pay for access to some of the new features of their car.

The all-electric Porsche Taikan has a similar system called Functions On-Demand, which allows drivers to purchase new features for their car, which can be called Active Lane Keeping. And Dynamic Light System Plus noted. Cadillac has similar plans for its cars; At the end of the free trial, drivers must qualify for the Super Cruise Buy a $ 25 monthly subscription.

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