Turn simple text descriptions into code and 3D objects with Roblox’s gamification tool

Last month, Roblox announced its overall vision for content creation with help Artificial intelligence provided. The company envisioned a future where generative AI could help users create code, 3D models, and more using simple text commands. Now the company has taken its first steps in this field and has provided the beta version of Code Assist and Meterial Generator.

written by AndroidCurrently, none of the Code Assist or Material Generator tools work through text descriptions; But the Roblox boss says these solutions can help automate core coding tasks so you can focus on more creative work. This means that it is possible to generate parts of application code and texture of objects based on short commands with artificial intelligence.

If you’ve used AI chatbots before, you might be familiar with how Roblox’s new gamification tools work. For example, GPT-3 can generate programming code by receiving plain text descriptions.

Code Assist looks promising; But Roblox says there’s a chance it might contain false information. In fact, the company says that it is up to the users to review and ensure the correctness of the codes of this artificial intelligence-based tool. However, it seems that this company has taken the first steps to turn ordinary users into game makers and has provided an attractive tool that can easily create 3D models or scenes in the future by providing simple text commands.

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