Turkish Istanbul Tehran-Alibaba flight

This airline has been in the spotlight due to having several attractive features. The first reason is to provide suitable facilities and services to passengers. In addition, it has modern and well-equipped planes to carry passengers, and passengers can experience satisfactory flight security along with the pleasant taste of all the food of this airline.

Another interesting feature of this airline is its food menu. This airline cooks and offers a variety of traditional Turkish and international dishes to passengers. It goes without saying that its traditional dishes are inspired by the dishes of the Ottoman era, so that you can experience modern facilities and modern technologies with traditional and nostalgic dishes at the same time. In other words, when flying with Turkish Airlines, you can travel to the heart of history in the most modern planes and disembark in the historical and beautiful city of Istanbul.

The popularity of this airline is not only confirmed by Iranian passengers; Rather, many specialized magazines in the field of airlines and tourism magazines, after examining the flight quality of Turkish Airlines, placed it in the category of the best airlines in the world. For this reason, if you still have doubts about buying Tehran-Istanbul tickets and the right airline, with this explanation, you can go to Turkish Airlines and prepare yourself for a memorable trip.

Types of flight classes of Turkish Airlines

Another attraction of Turkish Airlines is having several different flight classes. The diversity in travel choices with different prices and conditions provides the possibility for all travelers to choose seats and new flights according to their taste and budget.

In general, this airline has two types of flight classes, business class and economy flight. In the business class flight, which has a more expensive price, you can easily experience a quiet trip with enough and suitable space. The business class flight of this company is considered a good option for travelers who need a quiet atmosphere during their trip. Therefore, it can be said that in most cases this flight class is suitable for business people who travel to Istanbul and Turkey a lot and like to experience complete relaxation during the trip.

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