TSMC Introduces New N4X Process Technology for Advanced Computing Devices

The world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor components has introduced a new process technology that marks the company’s entry into the growing high-performance computing (HPC) market. The new process technology is called N4X, and its goal, in addition to producing devices with the ability to perform heavy computing, is to build transistors with a five-nanometer scale. The Taiwanese company will start trial production with the help of this technology in the first half of 2023 (1402) for a period of 6 months.

The N4X design is an upgraded version of the N5A process that focuses on improving performance and maximum processing frequency speeds, and TSMC claims to increase performance by about 15% compared to N5 processes.

According to the Taiwanese company, the performance of the N4X process at 1.2 volts has improved by about 4% compared to the N4P process. The letter X in the name of this new process indicates TSMC’s growing efforts to advance the chip design of high-performance computing devices, which has the fastest growth rate among other business units in the collection.

the doctor Kevin ZhangTSMC Senior Vice President of Business Development noted:

Demand for high-performance computing devices is growing steadily, and TSMC has designed not only X-Semiconductor technologies to deliver excellent performance; It also combines 3D design with its advanced packaging technologies (3DFabric) to provide the best platform for high-performance computing devices.

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If everything goes according to plan and the production of the new N4X process risk starts by the first half of 2023 (1402), we can expect the first N4X designs to hit the market by early 2024 (1403).

In risk production, the manufacturer has launched its first batch of finished product; But it does not guarantee that it will work properly. By doing this, the manufacturer can find possible bugs in the product and fix them in the next series.

What do you, the users of Zomit, think about the new N4X process technology? What is the largest manufacturer of semiconductor components?

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