Transforming real food into anime food fantasy

The way food is prepared, cooked and prepared, and the characters who eat meals with pleasure and gratitude, make anime food look extremely appetizing and evoke different emotions in the viewer. Usually, anime food dishes are exaggerated and colorful; This charm is used to highlight the beauty of food.

Almost every otaku (anime and manga enthusiast) or person who has only seen anime food preparation clips has asked themselves at one point or another whether it is possible to fulfill this fantasy with real food and turn it into anime.

If these people are practical, they will cook one of the dishes they saw for themselves; But Christian J He turned a series of photos of the food he ate during his travels into anime with a mobile artificial intelligence tool.

J Ultimately, it spawned an entire anime series of foods that never existed, and of course, were so beautiful that you can enjoy them forever. We invite you to watch some of J’s anime foods in this shutter.

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