Toyota Arion Grand 2011 review and buying guide


Since 2013, the six-cylinder car with zero kilometers has not been imported to Iran. These days we don’t have new imported cars Car import regulations It is also confusing, so we should go for old quality cars that can be compatible with gasoline and Iranian roads. On the other hand, it is low consumption and less trouble, and most importantly, it should be powerful. One of the best options is Toyota Arion. A high-quality car with low depreciation and a 3500 cc six-cylinder engine that can mow the road under its tires.

Toyota Arion Grand 2011

Toyota Motor Company first introduced the Arion in 2006, a more luxurious version waist, introduced to the world with Camry platform and 3.5 liter six-cylinder engine, with two types, Grand and Sport. At the time, Toyota thought the Arion could be a top seller like the Camry, but it was sorely mistaken. In 2007, Toyota sold about 22,000 Arion units, while in the same year they sold hundreds of thousands of Camry units. Arion’s sales market was mostly the Middle East and Australia. For this reason, its production was stopped in 2017 and it was replaced by a six-cylinder Camry, which unfortunately we do not have in Iran.

Arion officially entered Iran in 2009. The first generation entered Iran until 2011 and the second generation from 2012 to 2013. It is interesting to know that this engine is on Camry six cylinder, Lexus ES 350 And Lexus RX 350 was placed. The first generation Arion was imported with two samples ordered by Oman and Kuwait, which is ordered by Kuwait and has a rear fin.

Appearance design

The Arion, which uses the Camry platform, has a similar design. In the front view, you can see a chrome grille with three horizontal lines, in the middle of which the large Toyota logo is visible. Two fog lights are used on the sides of the shield, which is surrounded by black plastic and is placed in a narrow chrome frame. Between these two fog breakers, a large air outlet is designed. It is interesting to know that the shield in the facelift version is slightly different from before. In the facelift version, a line started from the hood and lights, which continued to the license plate frame and disappeared. In the versions before the facelift, this line continues to the bottom and ends at the air outlet at the bottom of the bumper. Under the light, there is a parallel-sided flash and a front sensor.

Toyota Arion Grand 2011

When you look at the car from the side, you will notice a line that starts from the tail light and continues to the front fender and fades out. Parallel to that, a chrome line has been drawn on the bottom of the doors, which has given the car a beautiful appearance. There is a narrow chrome strip around the window frame and you can enjoy the double 7-spoke rim.

Toyota Arion Grand 2011

At the back, you can see large trapezoidal lights, in the space between the two rear lights, there is a chrome strip above the license plate frame, and under the left light, a small AURION inscription stands out. There are narrow plastic lights on the sides of the bumper, and two exhausts are placed below, which gives the car a beautiful appearance.

Toyota Arion Grand 2011

Arion is available in Iran with two types, Grand and Sport, and the Sport version has a more youthful design.

Toyota Arion cabin and features

Because Arion is a luxury version of Camry, it has a cabin similar to it, and only some parts, such as the ventilation panel, cluster or back of the amp, roof, and some options and facilities are different from Camry. In Arion, you have two color ranges for the cabin: one is black seats with a gray and cream dashboard, the other is cream seats with a gray and cream dashboard, which is a little more beautiful. The seat covers were cloth in the version before the facelift, but they were changed to leather after the facelift. The same leather as the seat is used on the doors, which together with the wooden design gives a very beautiful effect to the interior of the car. The armrests are excellent and comfortable, and the silver-patterned handles stand out on the side. In the middle of the dashboard, the same silver color as the handles is used. This silver color is also used around the monitor frame, ventilation panel and dashboard compartment, which is very simple but eye-catching.

Inside the cabin of Toyota Arion Grand 2011

The back of the amp consists of four analog parts. A digital trip computer is located in the middle of the speedometer, which helps you a lot.

In the lowest part of the cabin, next to your feet, there are four small lights with a soft purple light, which, like the rest of the ceiling lights, turn on when the doors are opened, and are useful at night. Since Arion has a large cabin, in addition to the front roof lights, there are two roof reading lights in the back that turn on and off by opening on each side, and you can turn them to any side you want.

The material used in the cabin is very durable. Some frequently used components have lost quality, for example, the color of the gear lever and driver’s door handle has faded to some extent after about 350,000 operations, which is normal. The material of the dashboard and doors is soft plastic, and the lowest part of the doors and dashboard is dry plastic.

In Arion, you can experience a more luxurious space than Camry; Although Arion does not have many options in front of its competitors such as Kia Cadenza and Hyundai Genesis, this problem is from the Toyota brand itself. Toyota tries to make a car with low depreciation by removing options, and if you are looking for a more luxurious car, you can go to Lexus at a higher cost.

Toyota Arion Grand 2011 seat

Arion options include: headlights, electric rear curtain, AFS (Adaptive Frontlight System), front sensor, cruise control, monitor and rear camera, of course, the owner has added an Android monitor and rear camera to the car. Is. Toyota Arion has ESP (Electronic Stability Program) system. To increase the safety of the car, Toyota has removed the shutdown button. ESP can be turned on and off with one method. In this way, in the parking mode, after turning on the car, we pull the handbrake. Press the brake pedal twice to release the handbrake. Holding the brake, pull and release the handbrake twice. He released the brake pedal and with a handbrake and pressing the brake twice Haftkhan Rostam ends and the ESP turns off!

Technical specifications of Toyota Arion 2011

The best point of Toyota Arion is the 3.5-liter (3500 cc) six-cylinder engine that produces 268 horsepower and 336 Nm and can accelerate from 0 to 100 in 2.7 seconds through a 6-speed automatic transmission connected to the front wheels. The weight of the car is 1650 kg and the maximum speed is 260 km/h. Arion has a 70-liter tank that burns 9.9 liters of gasoline combined.

Toyota Arion Grand 2011 engine

Driving experience with Toyota Arion

We can’t call Toyota Arion a great car, because like any car, it has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, the ride is very smooth and comfortable, and there is a slight impact on the car’s room during bumps; But the negative thing about Arion is that due to the soft shock absorbers at high speeds, you can see the anchoring movements of the car. When there are four people in the room and a lot of cargo in the trunk, you can see the rear of the car slamming at high speeds. Because the height of Arion is short, in some areas the floor of the car gets stuck on the ground and creates a terrible and ear-splitting sound, and this is the biggest flaw of Arion. Apart from that, Arion has good maneuverability in corners due to its low center of gravity and good handling, but the downside is that the brakes are not suitable for this engine power and are weak.

Toyota Arion Grand 2011

One of the worst parts is the transmission of the Toyota Arion. Because it is weak for this engine and this power, and it is not compatible with it, and after some time, it will probably need to be repaired, but after the repair, there is no problem. It should be mentioned that this engine and gearbox are also available on Lexus RX and ES, and we see the same weakness in them. Fortunately, in 2013, Toyota company fixed this defect. It reduced the engine power a little and improved the gearbox a little, and naturally the acceleration of the car decreased.

According to Toyota, Arion burns 9.9 L/100 km of gasoline combined. According to the owner, it consumes 12 liters in the city and 8 liters on the road. You can reduce the fuel consumption on the road by adjusting the cruise control up to 6 liters. Fuel consumption in the city goes up to 16 liters, which is very good for a six-cylinder car with this age.

Toyota Arion price and maintenance costs

Arion Grand, with a lifespan of more than 10 years, costs about 1.5 billion tomans in the Iranian market. This car, similar to other Toyota products that were imported between 2020 and 2018, is considered low consumption and low cost.

The vehicle under review has been used for daily commuting and multiple trips. The owner pours original oil every 5,000 kilometers, which costs about one million and two hundred thousand tomans with the replacement of all filters. The price of original Toyota gearbox oil is about 4 million tomans. The price of the original Toyota Arion front pad is about 2.5 million, which is relatively small. The Arion we are looking for has worked about 350,000 kilometers until today, and it cost about 40 million only once due to engine failure at the dealership. Of course, this engine failure was due to the previous owner’s accident. Each pair of Kumho Toyota Arion tires is about 6 million; The hood jack has a price of about 800 thousand tomans.

It is interesting to know that the owner has never used octane or super gasoline in the car and he drives almost 500 kilometers every week.


The Toyota Arion is a car that can’t give you the design of the Kia Cadenza, the fans of the Azera California, the options of the Sonata yf and the low depreciation of the 2014 Toyota Camry, but instead it has a six-cylinder engine that has extremely low depreciation and can accelerate with a push on the gas pedal. plow the road and in its price range, it has no competitors in terms of acceleration, speed and engine power, and none of the competitors even come close to it; Of course, if you are looking for a more luxurious car with more features and you want to have a powerful car like the Arion, you can go to the Lexus ES 350 at a higher cost, which has the same engine and gearbox, and you can also go to the same price for almost the same Toyota Prius, Hyundai ElantraKia Cerato and Mazda 3 New also go.

In the end, it should be from Dear Mr. Reza Tuiserkani The owner of the car would like to thank you for cooperating with the pedal magazine website team.

Editor: Asia Kazeruni

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