Tokagift, the top promotional gift shop in Tehran

These products will stay in people’s memory and will promote your brand continuously and for a long period of time for only one time. The results of a study by a research institute showed that about 83% of people remembered the company by receiving a promotional gift; But only about 7% of people in the experiment remembered the TV commercial aired by the same company.

Most companies, large and small, now use promotional gifts to introduce products and services to old customers and even to introduce their brand to new audiences. It is now difficult to find a reputable and reliable promotional gift shop that offers products with excellent quality and price to institutions. For this reason, we want to introduce you to Tokagift, the top promotional gift shop in Tehran.

The most important rule when ordering and buying promotional gifts

By buying the right promotional gift, you will attract the customer’s attention to the company and by attracting them, you will increase sales and profits. For this reason, most businesses and companies distribute promotional gifts at various events and conferences. No matter how much you spend on a promotional gift, this device should only be used for the audience and used continuously in their daily life.

The most important principle in ordering and buying a promotional gift is to pay attention to its use; Otherwise, these goods, after receiving the customer, would fall into a corner of the closet and eat dirt. In such a situation, all the budget and expenses that you have spent for the marketing campaign are wasted. Of course, sometimes a gift is not suitable for use, but for poor quality. Buy promotional gifts With poor quality material, your company will have a negative impact on the audience.

In most cases, ordering and buying inappropriate promotional gifts is due to incorrect advice and expensive and useless offers of the promotional gift shop. For this reason, finding the best and largest promotional gift shop in Tehran that offers high quality services has become a serious problem for companies.

About Tokagift, the top promotional gift shop in Tehran

By introducing the best importer of promotional gifts in Tehran, customers or managers of various companies to Special promotional gifts They need it, they know it without any problems and bitter experience, and they order their desired products to this top store. One of the most prestigious and largest promotional gift shops in Tehran Mana Company is a gift from Niko, which is known by the Tokagift brand.

Tokagift, the largest promotional gift shop in Tehran, has officially started its activity since 1397 in the field of producing all kinds of classic, luxury, practical and cheap promotional gifts, etc. Although it has not been long since Tokagift started operating, this collection has become the largest promotional gift shop in Tehran by providing decent and professional services. This company has a special place among the import and production of promotional gifts and offers a variety of practical, digital and managerial promotional gifts with very reasonable quality and price.

Tokagift’s serious and accurate activity in providing online services and having a user-friendly site has set this collection apart from other promotional gift providers. By visiting the Tokagift site, you will see all the product information and promotional gifts in this collection.

The promotional gift basket available at Tokagift is very diverse and you can prepare new and special promotional gifts for the company depending on your budget and taste. Also in the blog section of this collection, there are many articles on how to attract customers and choose the right gift for different jobs and different people.

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Order registration process in Tokagift; Reputable Tehran Promotional Gifts Store

With the proliferation of the Internet and the spread of coronary heart disease and the need to respect social distance, many common affairs and services in society are moving towards online access. Ordering and buying promotional gifts is no different from this process, and many customers tend to buy promotional gifts online. However, unfortunately, many stores and importers of promotional gifts do not have a user-friendly site and create an unpleasant online shopping experience for the customer.

You can order all kinds of luxury promotional gifts from the management set to buy cheap gifts like Promotional desktop clock, Count on Tokagift site. Mana Armaghan Niko Company (Tokagift) with a brilliant and professional history in the field of selling promotional gifts online, will make the shopping process a pleasant and attractive memory. The order registration process in Tokagift, the largest promotional gift shop in Tehran, includes:

  • Visit Tokagift site and view the various product portfolio and product selection
  • Contact Tokagift Consultants for advice and price inquiries through communication channels
  • Send a physical sample of the promotional gift to the ordering company for comparison
  • Selecting the goods and finalizing the order by Tokagift
  • Send pre-invoice to the ordering company
  • Confirm pre-invoice and deposit 50% of the amount to start work
  • Delivery of goods and final settlement of invoice

In addition to benefits such as sending physical gift samples and no final settlement until the delivery of goods, Tokagift, as the largest promotional gift shop in Tehran, offers quality guarantees for its products and electronic gifts.

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An interesting experience of buying promotional gifts online with Tokagift

Simple online shopping experience, fast delivery, high quality products, warranty and affordable price are just some of the benefits of ordering a promotional gift to Tokagift. Now that you know Tokagift is the largest promotional gift shop in Tehran, place your orders with ease. You can count on Tokagift services with any budget and taste.

Tokagift store services are not limited to Tehran, and wherever you are in Iran, you can register your order through the Tokagift site. If you need help or any questions to order a promotional gift, contact our experts by calling 02188395098.

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