To prevent fraud: Command codes for blocking, international calls of operators announced

With the requirement of regulation, Irancell and Hamrah Aval subscribers will be able to use the command code to block international calls. Hamrah-e-Awal Public Relations announced in a statement that Hamrah-e-Awal has launched an international call restriction service (two-zero calls to overseas numbers) for all permanent and credit subscribers so that subscribers can block outgoing calls to destinations abroad. The operator has announced that this service is a suitable solution to prevent abuse for those who do not need international calls and all permanent and credit subscribers of the first mobile can activate this service from the command code “10 star 2922 star 1 square” to create Use international call restrictions. Removal of international call is also done by dialing the command code “10 stars 2929 stars 2 squares”.

The first companion warns subscribers to pay attention to the caller’s country code at the time of the call if they see a missed call, and if a call other than 0098 or +98 is seen on the phone screen when calling, immediately terminate the call and Check the number.

In this regard, Irancell Public Relations announced in a statement that for more than five years, the order code of 555 stars 1 star 8 stars 1 square is available to permanent and credit subscribers of Irancell and all subscribers of this operator can dial and activate the order code Block the possibility of contacting international lines. This would have prevented fraud in the form of an “international missing call”.

Irancell also emphasizes in its announcement that subscribers who do not need to make international calls (dialing with the prefix 00, with other countries), can dial their international calls by dialing the order code # 1 * 8 * 1 * 555 * and Whenever they needed to make these calls, dial the command code # 2 * 8 * 1 * 555 * to activate it.

With the rise of such scams and popular protests, the Radio Regulatory Authority in the second half of November 1400 announced that it had a command code for activating and deactivating international calls to all operators. Subscribers who were not provided, are required to comply with this order. This is while Irancell users, since September 24, 2016, could use a special command code to block and reconnect calls to international lines, and this possibility is still available for Irancell subscribers.

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