tireless Taiwanese man; Jen Sun Huang wants to lead Nvidia for another 40 years

Jenson Hwang He is the co-founder and current CEO of Nvidia. Nvidia became one of the top companies in the industry during Huang’s leadership The chip has been transformed and at the same time in new areas such as Artificial intelligence has entered and contributed significantly to the growth of the chip industry.

According to Video cards, the CEO of Nvidia is the 59th richest person in the world and his net worth is about 23.5 billion dollars. Huang has been running Nvidia for 30 years and apparently has no plans to retire. He wants to lead Nvidia for another three or four decades. By then, Jenson Huang will be 90 years old.

Jenson Huang says that despite years of management, he is still passionate and energetic. He calls Nvidia’s engineers amazing people and says he’s always inspired by them: “I don’t know exactly how long I can keep going, but probably three to four decades.” “Four decades from now, I’ll be robotic and maybe even three to four decades from now.”

In his new interview, Jenson Huang talked about the changes that the graphics processor market has experienced. After the end of the corona quarantines, the sale of graphics processors dropped; But it seems that this market has stabilized to some extent.

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