Tiny11, a light version of Windows 11 with the possibility of running on most computers, was released

Windows 95 occupied less than 100 MB of storage space after installation. Windows 11 installation now requires about 20 GB of storage space. There is no doubt that software needs more data as technology advances, but many believe that Windows has not justified the 20,000% increase in installation size during its 28-year lifespan. Now, a creative developer has released a customized version of Windows 11, which is 50% smaller than the original version.

NTDEV recently released a version of Windows 11 called Tiny11 that only requires eight gigabytes of storage and runs on computers with two gigabytes of RAM. This version still removes the prerequisites for installing Windows 11. Of course, the advantages of this version means removing some features.

to report TechSpotthe compact version of Windows 11 based on the 22H2 update of Windows 11 Pro and as an ISO file in presented. The size of the downloaded file of this version is about 3 GB, while the file size of the original version reaches 5.1 GB.

The lightweight version of Windows 11 includes essentials such as Accessibility, Calculator, Notepad, and Paint. This operating system also allows users to access the Microsoft Store, and therefore, the required software can be installed on it. Windows 11 Compact supports local accounts by default, but can also be used with online accounts.

NTDEV says Tiny11 is not serviceable but can get .NET, drivers and security stuff via the update section.

NTDEV assures users who are concerned about the security risks of a custom version of Windows 11 that Tiny11 does not contain any code or tools other than Microsoft sources. However, people who are concerned about privacy should not install it.

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