Tim Cook’s singing; Apple is creating innovation in the field of artificial intelligence

Tim Cook’s singing;  Apple is creating innovation in the field of artificial intelligence

Tim CookApple’s CEO delivered an unexpected message to Wall Street at the company’s annual shareholder meeting. According to himIn 2024, Apple will introduce new innovations in the field of artificial intelligence: “We believe that artificial intelligence will provide our users with delivery-making opportunities.”

What Tim Cook said is somewhat ambiguous. He used the phrase break new ground, which is used in different meanings and usually means innovation and progress. It’s not clear if Cook is referring to an unprecedented innovation in AI or simply an advancement of Apple’s own AI project.

During today’s meeting, which was held a few hours ago, Apple shareholders opposed a plan that would have required the company to share details of artificial intelligence projects and how to use it ethically.

This is the second time Tim Cook has directly mentioned Apple’s artificial intelligence. Cook said a few weeks ago that Apple will showcase its AI projects before the end of this year. The whistleblowers said that the iOS 18 operating system of the iPhone will focus on artificial intelligence.

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Apple briefly hinted at generative AI applications in 2023 when it introduced auto-correction and predictive text tools for its platforms.

Undoubtedly, in the coming months, we will see the disclosure of more details of the iOS 18 operating system and Apple’s artificial intelligence project. Meanwhile, Tim Cook is trying to appease the company’s major shareholders and prevent the stock from falling. With the cancellation of the Apple Car project, Apple is now focusing on artificial intelligence.

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