Tiktok will probably become the third largest social network in the world in 2022

A new forecast has introduced TickTock as the third largest social network in the world after Facebook and Instagram. Insider Intelligence, formerly known as eMarketer, said in its opening forecast for the TickTock platform that the social network will grow by 59.8% in 2020, followed by 40.28% in 20.2 years. , Will reach 755 million monthly active users in 2022.

According to the latest statistics, Facebook has 2.91 million monthly active users, which means that the number of active users of this social platform has grown by about 6% year-on-year. Recently, Instagram employees also revealed that this social network has recorded a record of two billion monthly active users. For comparison, according to the latest official user statistics report of this application, which was published in June 2018, the number of monthly active users was one billion.

However, Insider Intelligence points out that it has used a different set of calculations in its 2022 forecast. The company has its own definition of the number of monthly active users, which may differ from the definition used by other analytics companies. For example, the company only considers users who have logged in to their account at least once a month continuously in an annual period as a monthly active user, thus trying to eliminate fake account statistics in its forecasts. This method has been used to provide more consistent comparisons across all operating systems.

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According to Insider Intelligence, Facebook will reach 2.1 billion monthly active users in 2022, followed by Instagram with 1.28 billion monthly active users, making it the second largest social network in the world. With 755 million monthly active users, Tikotak will be in the third place of this list, which means that the number of active users of the mentioned platform will be even more than Snap and Twitter.

Sensor Tower reports that the number of TickTock downloads from the App Store and Google Play Store exceeded two billion in the first quarter of 2020. A separate report released by App Annie also showed that TickTock grew by 325 percent in 2020, and in the same period in the United States, the length of time each user was active on the social network on a monthly basis was 65 percent longer. It has been every other social program.

Sensor Tower noted in July 2021 that TickTook was the first non-Facebook app (outside of the game category) to reach a record three billion downloads in the App Store and Google Play stores. It should be noted that only a handful of applications have managed to achieve this download record, including YouTube, Netflix, Thunder and Tenense Video.

While other companies had predicted that the number of monthly active users of TickTock would reach more than one billion by 2021, the insider forecast is a bit more conservative due to the specific method used by the company. Of course, the company also expects Tikotak to continue to grow with this trend. However, according to Insider Intelligence, the growth rate of this social network will be slower in 2022 and will reach 15.1%.

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As a result of such growth, TickTock’s share of the world’s total social network users is also increasing. According to the company, the share of Tikotak for the first time in this area will exceed 20% and will approach 25% by 2024.

Debra Ahoo Williamson, chief analyst at Insider Intelligence, said:

The emergence of TickTock is particularly challenging for Snapshot, as it has begun to compete fiercely with this social network to attract young users. Although TickTook is not very similar to Twitter, its widespread nature indicates the addictive nature of the social network’s content.

There is still plenty of room for tick growth in the future. According to Insider Intelligence, 3.57 billion people will use this social network at least once a month next year.

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