TikTok becomes a direct competitor of YouTube with 15-minute videos

TikTok becomes a direct competitor of YouTube with 15-minute videos

Citing the post Matt Navarasocial media consultant, on the social network TardzTikTok has made it possible for some of its users to upload 15-minute videos on a trial basis in certain areas; Previously, the contents of this platform were limited to 10 minutes.

Social network Tik Tok started with the possibility of posting short clips of 15 seconds and later changed this limit to one minute and continued on its way to become one of the most popular mobile platforms.

After that, the video time limit in Tik Tok was modified several times and in 2021 this limit reached 3 minutes and in 2022 it reached 10 minutes. Now, this popular platform among young people has decided to compete with YouTube, the giant in the field of long videos, by introducing the ability to upload 15-minute videos.

For Tik Tok video creators, this change means more flexibility when posting educational and entertainment videos; Many of them no longer need to cut their video into multiple parts to fit within TikTok’s limits.

Not all TikTok users are satisfied with the recent changes; Because many know Tik Tok with its short and entertaining clips and enjoy it. The company is aware of the demand of these users and recently tried to get their seal of approval by introducing the feature of fast forwarding videos.

Tik Tok had previously entered YouTube’s territory by introducing horizontal full-screen mode; Of course, this feature is still in the experimental stage. In addition, there is still no information about when the feature of uploading 15-minute videos will be available for all TikTok users.

While Tik Tok is trying to challenge YouTube’s position by testing the ability of longer videos and also testing the ability to make them horizontal; The Google-owned video platform plans to adapt to more tastes with changes such as the Shorts feature.

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