Tik Tok’s new controversy; Narrative of the gruesome murder of children using artificial intelligence

Oddly popular in the United States, TikTok has always hosted controversial videos. In the latest example, a new movement has been launched on this social network that uses artificial intelligence to revive victims of heinous crimes and how children are killed. Experts have warned against watching these videos.

According to FuturismMost of the accounts posting the videos have changed the image and sometimes the name of the victims after being revived by AI. This is probably a way to get around one of Tik Tok’s new rules; The law that prohibits the publication of deepfake videos of young people and states that all videos based on this technology must be labeled.

However, a large number of AI-generated videos depicting the gruesome killing of children have been posted on TikTok. In these videos, the main details are usually modified to some extent. Thus, we are on the side of videos that are a combination of reality and fiction, and the viewer cannot distinguish the real parts.

Paul Blakely, assistant professor of criminal justice at the University of New Haven, USA, says: “These videos are really strange and scary. Videos are apparently designed to evoke strong emotional reactions, as this is the surest way to get clicks and likes. “Watching these videos gives you a bad feeling, and I think that’s the main point.”

A number of accounts that have published the videos say that out of respect for the deceased, they do not use their real names and images; But this does not affect the bad feeling that the viewer gets. These videos are very disturbing and were probably produced without the permission of the victims’ families.

“Imagine being the parent or relative of one of these children,” says Blakely. “You go online and you see a picture of your deceased child explaining in great detail what happened to him.”

Apparently, Tik Tok’s content management team has gone to work; Because Futurism says that a number of accounts that have published such videos have been taken down.

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