Three months free PC Game Pass access for YouTube Premium subscribers

Microsoft recently announced the name Xbox Game Pass For Windows PCs PC Game Pass changes. Shortly after the announcement, Google made an offer to YouTube Premium subscribers. Now these YouTube users can use the PC Game Pass for free for three months.

PC Game Pass Simple name change The Xbox Game Pass is the PC of the Game Awards announced. This unmodified library service does not change the sharing model or integration of its cloud games, but only makes its brand easier for PC fans.

PC game Pass

According to 9to5google, by the end of this year, YouTube Premium subscribers will be able to receive the PC Game Pass in free trial periods. This offer is sent to active subscribers via email.

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Of course, you need a Microsoft account to use this offer. You must also be a new member of Game Pass in order to take advantage of the free trial. This offer is only available in the United States and requires a credit card.

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