Three internal messengers were unavailable

This evening, May 11th, users reported the disruption of access to three internal messengers. Ita, Yes, and Soroushplus are messengers that, according to the director of the Information and Public Relations Center of the Ministry of Communications, have encountered problems and are out of reach of users due to a problem in supplying electricity to one of the data centers.

In addition to these three Iranian messengers, the editing platform, which is an internal social network, has been disrupted like messengers, and users are unable to connect and access it.

An hour after the publication of the news of the disruption in access to ITA, Yes, Soroush Plus and Verishti, Mohammad Ahsan KharamidPublic Relations Director of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology announced in an interview with the Khabar network: “It is not a nationwide problem and it is limited to one of our data centers, which has been resolved.”

In explaining the problem, he also said: “There was a problem in the power supply of the data center, which was resolved. “After the power is restored, it will take some time for these messengers to be able to provide service again.”

He further promised that the problem will be completely resolved in one hour, around 21:30 tonight (May 11th) so that users can access the messengers. However, this problem still persists until the writing of this report and users are unable to connect to the mentioned platforms.

The outage of messengers comes as four examples of these native platforms have recently are connected to each other and the Ministry of Communications last week this plan had unveiled Of course, the problem of internet disruptions and internal platforms being unavailable is not a new thing.

For some time now, serial disruptions have created various problems for users and online platforms of the country. These disruptions have intensified after the establishment of internet restrictions in the second half of 1401, and almost every month there has been at least one case of widespread outage or disruption in the country’s internet or platforms; Disorders that, of course, have not been given a detailed explanation and their main reason is not known.

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