Three Android phone manufacturers have teamed up to make data transfer easier

Switching to a new smartphone is a tedious task; Because you have to transfer your data from the old phone to the new phone. Companies have provided internal tools to achieve this goal. However, most of the time, data transfers only work well when users switch phones between the same brand.

to report GizmochinaTo reduce this issue, the top three Chinese manufacturers, namely Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo, have once again joined hands and collaborated to create a new solution. This is their second largest collaboration after Peer-to-Peer.

Thanks to this new partnership, users can transfer data from their old smartphones to new phones belonging to any of these three brands.

Previously, users could only transfer images and make calls between devices of these brands; But now they can also transfer third-party programs and their information; Therefore, the experience is now almost similar to transferring information between phones of the same brand.

We still don’t know if this feature will make its way to global markets or not. As Peer-to-Peer transfers are available outside of China, the feature is likely to arrive in the near future.

Internationally, Google allows users to transfer information between different brands. This feature has some drawbacks; For this reason, this search giant has provided the Nearby Share feature to transfer files.

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