This wireless TV set aside the remote control and sticks to any surface!

To show everyone how powerful Active Loop Vacuum Technology is, startup Displace showcased its wireless TV on a fabric-covered wall as well as a glass window. It was also very easy to install. You just have to press the said product, which weighs under 20 pounds, to the surface and wait a little.

If you’re wondering how long the newly introduced wireless TV can stay on the surface, here’s what Elaji Krishnan, CEO of Displace, says is boosting its Active Loop Vacuum technology to keep the device on. In fact, the TV will never detach from the surface unless you want it to.

If the wireless aspect of the mentioned TV did not catch your attention, it should be said that its main feature is the support of motion gestures. Don’t expect a remote control to come with this TV. Instead, the new Displace device has a flip-up camera on top that detects hand movements to change channels. This product uses the same technology as Xbox Kinect.

Startup Displace has brought a level of creativity and innovation to the world of television that no one expected. It can be said that their product is one of the most attractive options introduced at this year’s CES.

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