This time, Tick Tack is going to war with streaming services

TikTok is testing a new desktop streaming software called TikTok Live Studio that allows users to stream live images from games and other desktop apps. TickTock says the software is currently being tested with a small number of users in some Western markets; But its official page on the TickTook website seems to have been removed.

According to Warez, if this software is released, TikTok Live Studio It can make an interesting difference to your TickTack live streaming strategy. By adding it, TickTock can focus on computer games, etc., and practically compete with platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Gaming, and Facebook Gaming.

TikTok live studio

به‌گفت‌ی زک باسی Screenshots from TikTok Live Studio Has been shared on Twitter, this software is currently in its initial state. The software reportedly supports horizontal and vertical streaming of games, personal applications, mobile phones and camcorders.

TikTok live studio

It was previously possible to stream TickTock live from the desktop using third-party software (such as Streamlabs); But there were several limitations to these platforms. There are also tutorials available from third-party services such as As a solution for connecting TickTock to streaming applications such as Use OBS; But even these options are not perfect; Because the guide page states that “Stream TickTock has been disabled for most users since July this year.

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TikTok live studio

It is unclear when Tikotak may extend its Live Studio trial to more users; But if widely available, desktop streaming can bring a lot more variety to the platform’s live content.

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