This sponsor of Esteghlal was suspended

This sponsor of Esteghlal was suspended

Mousavi Amol mobile store is the financial sponsor of Esteghlal Club this season, which has created rumors since its name came up as a sponsor of this club. These rumors became a serious concern when the news of Koresh Company’s fraud came out.

After the failure of Koresh Company as a company selling 20 million Toman iPhones by defrauding people and emptying people’s pockets, attention was drawn to Mousavi Amel Mobile Store. Because this company has a procedure similar to Koresh Company and sells mobile phones at a price 30-40% lower than the usual market price.

Isna news agency has reported that it has followed up the issue of the electronic trust symbol (Inmad) of this store from the e-commerce development center and has come to the conclusion that Inmad has been suspended as a sponsor of Esteghlal Club.

Considering that Inmad gives this license to stores and collections so that they can have an electronic payment portal, now with the suspension of Inmad, this store will not be able to sell goods online for Mousavi’s mobile phone.

Follow-ups about the status of this sponsor of Esteghlal Club had started a long time ago. Two weeks ago, the head of the Mobile, Tablet and Accessories Importers Association had warned Esteghlal Club in a letter that the sponsor of this club might cause a repeat of Korsh Company’s story with its activities.

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Mehdi AsadiIn a part of this letter addressed to the CEO of Esteghlal Club, the head of the Mobile Importers Association wrote: “Since according to the reports received by the sponsor of Esteghlal Club in Amel city (Mr. Mousavi), the same procedure of pre-sale of the phone and sale of the phone below the market price is on his agenda. have given, we consider it necessary to inform Esteghlal Club of this situation in order to prevent a similar incident in the case of Cyrus Company and to prevent damage to the reputation of that popular club.”

About Koresh Company

After experiencing the financial losses caused to the buyers by Koresh Company, which caused many people to lose money with Ponzi fraud, it is expected that the companies that have a similar procedure will be identified by the decisive action of the relevant authorities and their activities will be prevented.

Regarding Mousavi Amel’s mobile store, which is the sponsor of Esteghlal Club, it should be seen that dealing with its activities remains limited to the suspension of this article, or in a more serious way and with other solutions, the suspicious actions of this store are prevented.

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