This is the 3D version of Telegram [تماشا کنید]

Pavel DorfCEO of Telegram, The first official video of visionOS version He published this message on his personal channel. This version, which is being developed for the Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset, looks very exciting.

According to Zomit, in the video released from the visionOS version of Telegram, we see that this messenger is compatible with all the exciting features of Apple’s new operating system, and after activating the Vision Pro virtual reality mode, it immerses you in a virtual environment for watching videos.

Telegram has a rival in the messaging market, WhatsApp, which has the support of Meta, the 864 billion dollar giant of the technology industry. But it is Telegram that hosts new and innovative features much faster than WhatsApp.

Telegram has also taken the initiative to support visionOS and has gone to compatibility with this platform before all other messengers. Currently, the administrators of no other messengers have publicly confirmed the development of a version of visionOS.

The development of the visionOS version of Telegram is very good news for Americans who use this messenger and have the power to purchase Vision Pro. Vision Pro will be launched on the American market in early 2024; The price of the virtual reality headset in question is $3,499.

Pavel Dorf has not published any details about the visionOS version of Telegram at the moment, and we do not know when the development of this version will be completed. It is also not clear whether the virtual reality version of Telegram will be released for headsets other than Apple Vision Pro.

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