This concept model shows the combination of iPhone and Apple Watch Ultra

Although not much time has passed since the release of the iPhone 14 series, this does not prevent the release of news and rumors about the possible ideas of Apple for the next generation of smartphones of this company. This year, we will see the introduction of the iPhone 15 family, and according to recent reports, it is possible that this product, especially in terms of hardware, will be one of the biggest changes that have been applied to the iPhone product line so far.

For several years, Apple has released each generation of iPhone in several versions such as Mini, Plus, Standard, Pro and Pro Max, but there are rumors that the said company plans to add a new model to its production line or replace it with the Pro version. make max With its titanium frame, periscope camera, dual selfie camera and other attractive upgrades, this model will be known as the top iPhone of the tech giant from Cupertino.

Currently, there are no exact details of what the iPhone 15 Ultra will look like, but designer Jonas Daehnert has shared a concept model. Note that this concept model was created for entertainment purposes only and based on the designer’s taste, but it can provide an interesting impression about this phone.

iPhone 15 Ultra with a design similar to Apple Watch Ultra

written by Digital TrendsThe concept design of the iPhone 15 Ultra is basically based on the design of the Apple Watch Ultra. In this rendering, we see an iPhone with relatively high thickness and curved edges, but the screen of the device is flat and its buttons have little protrusions. In addition, the mute switch button of the device can be seen with a textured surface on its edge. Due to the increase in the thickness of the phone body in this concept design, the protrusion of the rear camera system is less than in previous generations. This photo also shows that the iPhone 15 Ultra will use the USB-C port. The volume buttons and the action button can also be seen on the edge of this product, which is also similar to the Apple Watch Ultra.

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