This amazing glass keyboard has a full HD display and can be fully customized

Since the bottom of the Flux is a full display, it offers a lot of customization capabilities. For example, all kinds of characters and languages ​​can be displayed on the keys through this panel. Additionally, users will be able to use the Flux display to display icons, emojis, and more.

Physical keys are an important part of Flux. It should be mentioned that this product uses an internal quad-core processor, and therefore its various customizations and functions are done completely independently and does not need to use the processing power of a computer or mobile phone. The product also comes with 8GB of storage, which is used to store settings, macros, custom shortcuts, layouts, and more.

The Flux keyboard has special ergonomics and uses Maglev keys. You can use touch and linear coating on the keys of this product and customize each one according to your needs. The physical keys of this product are 97% transparent and therefore do not create any obstacle to see the visual effects of the screen below it.

to report TomsHardware, the top area of ​​Flux can be used to display different modules. So far, three physical modules have been considered for this product, one of which places a rotating tool at the user’s disposal and can be used to adjust the sound or light of the device. The second module also has three physical settings for quick control of variables. It should be noted that the key modules and frames of this keyboard are replaceable.

The designers of the Flux keyboard hope to introduce more cover options for it in the future. New physical modules are also being developed for the upper part of this product, one of which will probably be a number pad.

If you’re excited to buy Flux, you might want to wait a little longer; Because this product will not be available to customers until January 2024. In addition, it is possible that the sale of this keyboard will be postponed again compared to the appointed time. The price of Flux after its launch will be $450, which seems a bit high considering its features.

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