Theta Center: Trust rating is more important than this

According to the public relations report of the e-commerce development center, the sorting of the list of internet businesses in the Inmad system and the window of the e-commerce unit will be based on the trust rating (stars under the Inmad logo). This action has been taken after the recommendation of the Deputy of Crime Prevention of the Judiciary and sending an SMS to pay attention to the trust rating of virtual businesses.

In the announcement published by Theta on this subject, emphasizing the design of Inmad with five levels, it has been pointed out that since 2016, the rating project of internet businesses has been implemented in three phases, and businesses can receive the second to fifth stars of Inmad after expert evaluation in three areas. They found facilities and capabilities, performance records and financial indicators:In September of this year, the new design of the Inmad logo after 12 years based on the feedback received, especially the private sector’s point of view, and according to the approach of separating the e-commerce symbol as a prerequisite license to receive an internet payment gateway from the trust rating with a spectral and graded concept, with special emphasis on the stars of Inmad. It was unveiled during a joint press conference with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology and applied simultaneously to all internet businesses (more than 120 thousand).”

This announcement emphasizes that paying attention to the business confidence rating is more important than the product itself, because the risk assessment index and setting the level of confidence towards the business is based on it:

In other words, even if possible, the purchase should be from businesses with a higher trust rating, respectively five stars (the highest trust rating), four stars and three stars to two stars and finally one star, and finally, if you insist on buying from businesses with a lower trust rating, it is preferable to pay online when buying. not yet and it should be paid on the spot so that the payment can be made after the delivery and inspection of the goods.

Teta has also announced that from now on, in order to introduce top businesses and make it easier for people to access them, they will sort internet businesses in the Inmad system (consumers menu – list of Inmad owners) as well as payment service companies and payment partners in the e-commerce unit window (payment portal request section) Internet) and display and store building platforms in the e-commerce unit window will be based on their trust rating.

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