These iPad models will not receive the iPadOS 17 update

A reliable source of a new report on Apple has released iPads that do not receive iPadOS 17. Next, we will take a look at the models compatible with the iPadOS 17 update and the models that will no longer support this update.

The first rumors about iPhones and iPads that will not receive iOS 17 and iPadOS 17, respectively, were made available a while ago. More details about Apple’s software update and compatible devices have now been revealed.

The iPhoneSoft account on Twitter correctly predicted the end of 2021 for the first generation iPhone SE and iPhone 6s will no longer support iOS 16. The source had also given correct reports about the compatibility of iOS 13 and iOS 14 with Apple devices.

iPads that aren’t getting the iPadOS 17 update

written by 9to5MacThe following iPads will not receive iPadOS 17:

iPads compatible with iPadOS 17

Here is the list of iPads for which iPadOS 17 will be released:

Although 2017 iPads are compatible with iPadOS 17, you should note that some features of the new version of Apple’s mobile operating system will only be available in the new models of this product, and therefore old iPads will not support all of its new software features.

Meanwhile, there are conflicting reports about the compatibility of iPhone models with iOS 17. In some reports, it has been announced that three models of this smartphone will not support this update, while some recent rumors show that all iPhones compatible with iOS 16 will also be able to run iOS 17.

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