The world’s first laptop with a hole-based display was unveiled

With the spread of the Corona virus and the prevalence of telecommuting, the notebook market has recently boomed more than ever, and companies are trying to attract customers to produce better and more beautiful products. After smartphones, the trend of obsessively reducing screen margins seems to have spread to notebooks as well. For example, Apple has now brought the notch to the MacBook Pro to reduce the margins and use it to hide the face-to-face camera, microphone and ambient light sensor.

Using a notch in the shape of a hole is another approach that is commonly used by Android phones with a similar notch purpose; But unlike smartphones, such an approach has not been common to use in notebooks. However, Chuwi has introduced its first notebook with a slotted display in China, which has significant specifications.

The notebook is called the MiniBook X and is currently only available in China and is priced at US $ 619. It is interesting to know that users who order the Minibook X from the official website of the mentioned company can get this notebook with a $ 70 discount.

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In general, the most important distinguishing feature of the Minibook X from other Bazaar notebooks is its display. This laptop has an unusual 10.5-inch display with 2K resolution and the ability to support the smart pen, which apparently has a hole in the upper left corner to hide the webcam and thanks to it, the margins have been reduced to a minimum. .

Other features of the MiniBook X include a chocolate-style keyboard with slim bezels, a 5-megapixel HD front-facing camera for video calling and meeting. The Chinese company’s new laptop also features a convertible design; This means that depending on the type of use, it can be rotated 360 and used as a tablet; But given the nature of the Windows operating system, one should not expect much from touch interaction with it.

Below the body, processing power will be provided by the 11th generation N5100 processor along with Intel UHD graphics processor. This product can be configured with 12 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 512 GB of SSD memory. The Minibook X supports 45-watt fast-charging technology and is available by default with the Windows 11 operating system. Furthermore. The device weighs only 899 grams and is 11 mm thick, which is equipped with a USB Type-C port and a audio jack on both sides.

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