The world’s fastest 3D printers were introduced

Formlabs, one of the few companies that has made 3D printing a useful and realistic tool, is coming to CES to showcase its two new printers. Form 3+ and 3B + are updates to models introduced in 2019, and these devices are described as “the fastest 3D printers to date.”

According to Angjet, the new 2022 Formlabs printers It has more powerful lasers, new material settings and fast hardwareThey are warmer and more durable and promise 40% faster printing. They will also come with Build Platform 2, an updated deck that makes it easier to separate the product after printing.

Formlabs 3D Printer

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In addition, the company exhibited ESD Resin. Using it, you will be able to make components that repel electrostatic discharges. Formlabs hopes ESD Resin Create new opportunities for prints that can be used in the electronics industry and other high-tech operations.

Form 3+ and 3B + are priced similarly to their previous versions and are $ 3499 and $ 4850, respectively. You can buy them today and shipping will start immediately.

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