The Wolf of Wall Street’s three main views on the future of Bitcoin

Jordan Belforta former stockbroker known as the Wolf of Wall Street, already had doubts about He had cryptocurrencies and now his position about the future Bitcoin has changed.

Belfort It has now presented several views on the future of Bitcoin, which we will discuss further.

1. Regulations and regulatory agencies help Bitcoin grow

in terms of BelfortWhen there are still no complete and accurate rules about cryptocurrencies, there is a great opportunity to increase the value of the king of cryptocurrencies. As a longtime proponent of crypto regulation, Greg Wall Street now believes that Bitcoin will thrive in a well-defined environment.

Belfort Criticized market players who see the rules as a hindrance to the growth of crypto-assets. The lack of regulation, he says, creates fundamental and important grounds for the spread of fraud in the digital currency space.

2. The value of Bitcoin does not go to zero

Jordan Belfort At first, he had a cautious view of Bitcoin because he did not see its value as real. According to Feinbold, Belfort It was believed that the value of the king of cryptocurrencies will be reduced to zero due to the features that allow fraud.

now Belfort After seeing the revival of Bitcoin value after the end of the cryptocurrency winter period in 2018, he changed his mind and things likeThe Terra Luna Ecosystem (LUNA) tank strengthened his belief in the reliability of Bitcoin.

Belfort “I used to hate cryptocurrencies,” he says. I still believe everything I said about crypto in 2017, except for its value going to zero. In fact, I was wrong about the value of Bitcoin becoming zero; Because I didn’t have a complete vision of it.”

3. Bitcoin continues to be bought and sold despite scams and the start of cryptocurrency winter

Bitcoin lost a significant portion of its value as the cryptocurrency winter of 2022 began. In addition, last year witnessed important events such as the fall of LUNA and We were the collapse of FTX exchange. Anyway, Belfort He says the turmoil in the cryptocurrency space shouldn’t make Bitcoin investors either Abandon Ethereum.

Belfort Previously, he had announced Bitcoin and Ethereum as the most important crypto assets for long-term investment. “The collapse of FTX and related cryptocurrency scams doesn’t mean you should completely ignore Bitcoin and expect it to be worth zero,” he says. The same applies to Ethereum.”

Despite the optimistic outlook Belfort As for cryptocurrencies, you should keep in mind that a variety of factors, including regulation, adoption, macroeconomic factors, etc., will affect the future of Bitcoin.

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