The Windows 11 22H2 update will not be available for people who are having problems running the game at this time

Yesterday, Microsoft released the latest Windows 11 update with version number KB5020044 (build 22621.900). This update fixes the problems related to the performance of the game on the 22H2 version of the mentioned operating system. Some users have reported that this update works well and fixes a number of Battelfield 2042 bugs. Of course, the mentioned update is not completely perfect and has once again led to problems in the Task Manager.

As Neowin It notes, the story started when the owners of Nvidia graphics shortly after the release of the 2022 update of Windows 11 raised various complaints about the performance problems of the operating system when running games. Nvidia separately provided updates for its graphics drivers, but these software patches did not fix the mentioned problems. Meanwhile, AMD users and reviewers have published reports of problems occurring on systems equipped with Ryzen 7000 chips. Although AMD said it encountered no significant issues during its tests, third-party data suggests otherwise.

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After much fanfare, Microsoft finally announced last month that gaming performance on Windows 11 was indeed affected by the latest update to this operating system; An issue that stopped the upgrade process to newer versions for affected users. The company released another update some time later to fix the problem and the release of new versions continues.

It seems that people whose system was under protection ID 41766570 will not receive the 22H2 Windows 11 update option for now; Although this update will probably be available to them by December. It’s worth noting that Microsoft does not recommend manually updating to KB5020044.

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