The war of web browsers; Opera hosted ChatGPT

Opera browser is supposed to host a tool based on ChatGPT in the sidebar. This tool, called Shorten, will summarize web pages and articles.

to report VergeShorten is part of Opera’s broader program to add artificial intelligence tools to its browser; Similar to what Microsoft is doing with Edge.

In order to activate Opera’s new artificial intelligence tool, you can select the Shorten option on the right side of the address bar. Clicking this option will bring up a side menu on the left side of the page that will provide a summary of the article you are reading.

Opera’s statement comes as Microsoft unveiled a new version of its Bing search engine and Edge browser a few days ago with new artificial intelligence tools. Edge’s artificial intelligence tool summarizes articles in a similar way to Opera and can even generate text for social networks. Google has also introduced a dedicated chatbot named “Bard”, which is not available at the moment.

Opera’s Shorten function is currently not available to all users; But it will be presented soon. Opera Shorten is also working on other AI-based features to enhance the web experience.

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