The US wants to bring Huawei to its knees with the cooperation of the Europeans

One of the main goals of the United States for sanctioning Huawei was to remove the company from the market, but the Chinese technology giant is still far from being completely removed from the market. The company is using all available opportunities to make a strong comeback in various areas of technology and invested billions of dollars in research and development last year and continues to do so.

Huawei has also announced that it has replaced more than 13,000 parts needed to make its products, which were previously supplied from American companies, with Chinese samples. to report GizchinaIn 2022, the income of this brand grew by about 30%, and for this reason, the United States is trying to bring the company to its knees with more measures against Huawei. Thus, the Americans are now teaming up with the Europeans to put more pressure on the Chinese tech giant.

According to a Reuters report, the European Union and the United States have warned Malaysia about the use of Huawei products. This country is finalizing the supply 5G and plans to cooperate with Huawei to achieve its goal and develop infrastructure. For this reason, the European Union and the United States have warned this country about the dangers of national security and foreign investment in case of Huawei’s involvement in Malaysia.

Representatives of the European Union and the United States wrote a letter in April regarding Malaysia’s decision to appeal the $2.5 billion contract with Ericsson. The purpose of the said contract was for Ericsson to build the 5G network belonging to the Malaysian government in this country.

The Malaysian government has long touted Huawei as the best choice to deliver 5G and has even made efforts to ignore US security concerns.

Will Malaysia finally heed the warnings of the United States and the European Union or stick to its decision to contract with Huawei to develop 5G networks?

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