The US government is still against Microsoft and Activision’s contract

The US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says it is emphasizing its initial positions to prevent the acquisition of Activision by Microsoft; This is despite the fact that Microsoft officially concluded the contract a few hours ago. A spokesperson for the FTC says the government agency will evaluate the agreement between Microsoft and Ubisoft.

In response to the position of the British CMA organization, Microsoft modified the structure of Activision’s $68.7 billion contract. According to the new contract, the right to stream Activision’s current and future games will be given to Ubisoft. The FTC is reviewing this part of the contract.

The UK’s CMA gave Microsoft the necessary approvals this morning to allow the company to close the deal without legal trouble. Britain’s main concern was Microsoft’s monopoly on cloud gaming.

According to ReutersThe Federal Trade Commission of the United States plans to announce its arguments in the appeals court on December 6, 2023 (15 Dec 1402) to prevent the conclusion of the contract.

The FTC has emphasized that it will remain focused on the details of the case it will send to the appeals court. “The FTC continues to believe that this agreement poses a threat to competition,” a spokesperson for the organization said.

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