The US government fined Apple $25 million for hiring immigrants!

Apple must pay up to $25 million in fines for discrimination in the hiring process. According to US Department of Justice press releaseOf this amount, $18.25 million will be awarded to victims of Apple’s policy, and the remaining $6.75 million is a civil penalty.

The U.S. Department of Justice says that when Apple hires new employees through the Permanent Employment Authorization (PERM) program, US Citizenship and Immigration Act has violated PERM allows companies to hire foreign workers permanently in the US.

According to the Ministry of Justice, Apple did not advertise new job opportunities on its website during the recruitment process through the PERM program, even though Apple’s standard procedure was to enter job positions on its website.

The Justice Department also found that the iPhone and MacBook maker accepted PERM job applications only by mail and ignored filed electronic applications. This practice would have made it almost impossible for US residents with irrevocable work permits to join Apple through the PERM program. According to the Ministry of Justice, this action is discriminatory.

Apple has denied any involvement in illegal recruitment. The company said in a statement that it “unintentionally violated the Department of Justice’s standards” and has now decided to settle with the Department of Justice to avoid further litigation and address concerns. Apple says it is committed to hiring American workers and growing in the country.

The Department of Justice has told Apple that in addition to paying a $25 million fine, it must amend its hiring practices and post PERM job vacancies on its official website. Apple must also accept PERM hiring requests digitally. According to the Department of Justice, Apple has complied with some of these requests.

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