The US Department of Justice is bringing Google’s advertising business to its knees

Based on what the publication CNET The US Department of Justice is poised to file a new antitrust lawsuit against Google today, he writes. This US government agency believes that Google has “unfair dominance” over the digital advertising market.

The possible complaint by the Department of Justice comes as the US Congress, the European Union and the United Kingdom are trying hard to impose more strict rules on the activities of large companies in the technology industry.

Last year, the US Senate introduced a bill called the “American Online Choice and Innovation Act” that would reduce the influence of Amazon, Apple and Google on the e-commerce industry.

Google’s advertising business, which generates huge revenue for the company, has long been under the supervision of American and European regulatory bodies. According to reports, Google wants to bring various advertising platforms to YouTube in order to end legal disputes and avoid a heavy fine by Europe. In the US, a complaint has been filed against Google’s advertising business in the state of Texas, alleging that the company is hitting competitors with “deceptive and misleading practices.”

Today’s possible complaint will be the second official complaint of the Ministry of Justice centered on Google. The ministry sued Google in 2020 for its excessive dominance of the search engine market, saying Google was taking steps to stifle competition. The 2020 lawsuit is still going through the legal process.

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