the unveiling event of Dolphin innovations; From the introduction of products to the unveiling of Iran’s first smart ambulance

On Sunday, October 9, 1402, the unveiling ceremony of Dolphin innovations was held at the Raizen International Convention Center in Tehran. Delphin Company, which is active in the field of vehicle fleet management and connected vehicles, unveiled its latest products and Iran’s first smart emergency vehicle in this event.

“Mohammed Mehdi Shiran”, the co-founder and CEO of Delfin, as the first speaker of this event, pointed out the company’s commitments to the transportation ecosystem and reviewed Delfin’s 14-year entrepreneurship journey. According to him, the first customers of Dolphin were the municipalities. In fact, they wanted to have more accurate monitoring and control over the operations related to garbage collection and urban cleaning with the help of the products and solutions provided by Delfin. Over time, Dolphin’s customers became more and more complex.

According to Mohammad Mehdi Shiran, Delfin has always been committed to the success of its customers in their business and during the years of its activity, it has been able to provide practical and unique solutions and modules according to the different needs and challenges faced by each organization in different industries. design for customers; For example, the design of the mission management module for dispatching operational rescue vehicles, the maintenance and repair module, the design and development of weight, tilt, temperature sensors, etc., the provision of dashboards and practical reports for data-driven decision-making, the provision of remote vehicle diagnostics and communication with the ECU.

In the continuation of this event, “Fateme Jamali”, the co-founder and product development manager of Dolphin, introduced the latest hardware products of this company. According to him, Delfin has identified many needs and challenges through its strong resume and close relationships with customers and has provided products and solutions for them. Advanced driver assistant (ADAS), Telematics Box device, Gateway, Asset Tracker, new BLE5 sensors and eSIM technology were among the latest products and solutions that were introduced in this section.

Regarding ADAS, Jamali said: “One of the newest products added to our portfolio is ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistant, which is considered a revolution in the field of new technologies. Among its features, it is possible to mention the storage of 20 separate faces as a driver, the detection of drowsiness and behavioral states of the driver, which can provide control and care of the driver and prevent many road accidents.

Dolphin’s product development manager explained in connection with the Gateway device: “In various industries, trackers cannot meet the needs of customers well; In order to solve such challenges and needs, we presented the Gateway device. This product receives, processes, and sends data to the server with the help of a variety of ports and customization capabilities.

“Mehdi Samdani”, technical director of Dolphin, as the third speaker of this event, explained about the cloud system model of fleet management and the latest solutions of Dolphin based on business needs and said: “Our goal in designing the cloud system was to be able to meet both the needs of the future and respond to past needs; In other words, both the needs of connected cars and the needs of the field Fleet management to answer well.”

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