The unofficial image of the Apple Watch Pro band tells about the additional physical buttons on this watch

Disclosure called Sonny Dixon An image of an unofficial Apple Watch Pro strap has been shared, which suggests that the rugged device will likely benefit from additional physical buttons on the edge of the display. It is expected that the new Apple Watch Pro, which is mostly designed for athletes and climbers, will benefit from a new look and a titanium chassis. In addition, it is said that the screen size will be larger compared to the standard models of this product. Of course, in the previous rumors, the addition of a new physical button to this product was never mentioned.

MacRumors He writes that athletes and those interested in using durable smart watches usually tend to use physical buttons to control their watches instead of touch screens; Because this method works better in conditions like rainy weather. Therefore, adding a physical button to the Apple Watch Pro is not unreasonable considering the nature of this product.

Unofficial Apple Watch Pro strap

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The cuts on the side edge of the unofficial Apple Watch Pro strap show that these buttons will be more protruding compared to other Apple smart watch models; Of course, the location of the speaker holes in this picture is not very clear. The accessory molding and previously leaked images of the Apple Watch Pro almost match. According to these images, the screen of this device will be smoother than other smart watch models of the Cupertino-based tech giant, and its main chassis will also have flatter edges.

The price of the Apple Watch Pro will probably be more expensive than the other models of the Apple Watch 8 series. The standard models of the next generation of Apple smartwatches are expected to retain the chassis design of the Series 7. Mark Gorman According to Bloomberg, the Pro model of the Apple Watch may be priced between $900 and $1,000.

Another important point is that, according to Gorman, the Apple Watch Pro will still be compatible with the older bands of other Apple Watch models. It is expected that at the Far Out event on Wednesday, this product will be officially unveiled alongside the Apple Watch 8 series, the iPhone 14 series, and the AirPods Pro 2.

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