The third test version of Android 14 comes with important changes in the field of increasing battery life

The third beta version of Android 14 has a small but very useful feature, which is probably battery charging Android It will increase you. To turn on Battery Saver, you need to go to Settings > Battery > Battery Saver and enable this feature. With this feature turned on, the first change is that the phone automatically switches to dark mode to save power. In addition, the execution of programs in the background of the device will be limited, which, of course, is not a new solution.

One of the new things that the battery optimization feature does in the third test version of Android 14 is dimming the wallpaper. Previously, you had to enable Extreme Battery Saver or use the Bedtime mode in Digital Wellbeing to do this. Now with the new Battery Saver feature enabled, the wallpaper brightness will also be reduced. Considering that one of the complaints of the owners of Google Pixel phones was the disappointing battery life of these products, the new feature of Android 14 can be very useful for this category of users.

The third test version of Android 14 creates a higher contrast by dimming the wallpaper, darkening the background, and brightening the icons, and as a result, you can easily see certain programs on the home screen, and this feature looks very attractive, especially at night.

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