The third issue of Financial Technologies Quarterly was published with the topic of IT industry economy

The third issue of “Financial Technologies” quarterly magazine was published with a case study on the subject of “Information Technology Industry Economy” and dealing with topics such as software valuation and pricing, company considerations in software tenders, etc. This quarterly magazine has been published as an internal publication of Datin Company since the summer of 1401 and is supposed to be a space for discussing the key issues of the financial industry with a view to today and the future, global trends and developments in the financial technology industry and the path taken.

In the third issue of Financial Technologies Quarterly, several researchers, experts and senior managers have examined the various aspects of the economy of the information technology industry. In this quarterly magazine, which is more like a research book, first, with a statistical approach, the size of the information technology market in the GDP and the share of the digital economy in Iran and other countries are determined, and after reading the statistical narrative of the current situation, the opinions of senior managers and Information technology specialists are provided based on experience and work experience.

Also, in this case, two categories of “challenges of technology companies entering the stock market and the issue of ownership and property rights in the information technology industry” have been expanded. A special and specialized look at the pricing of banking products and various factors affecting tenders and the effect of immigration rates, license fees and equipment imports on software tenders has been made in this quarterly. The presence of these materials together gives the experts and developers of software businesses an insight into what economic issues they should consider in promoting the sale and development of technology products. In fact, this issue of Financial Technologies Quarterly aims to give the reader a fresh insight into the micro and macro economics of the IT industry, focusing on the software category.

Those interested can get the latest issue of Financial Technology Quarterly through This link to receive Also, this quarterly in its two previous issues to the topic “Discovering violations and fraud in the banking industry” And “Financial inclusion and financial empowerment of community members” Paid that on Datin site You can read it.

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