The third generation iPhone SE will probably be unveiled in the first quarter of 2022

According to numerous reports of Apple’s cheapest smartphone, the company is planning to unveil the third generation iPhone SE in the first half of next year, and thus, we can expect the device to be released by the end of March.

It is believed that the most important distinguishing feature of this phone compared to its previous generation is its support for the fifth generation of mobile network (5G), and apparently Apple will retain the same old body used in the iPhone 8 in this phone.

Overall, the new iPhone SE will be a plus-size model from the previous generation, which could improve the Cupertino-based 5G market. Previous reports have also highlighted this issue. for example, Mingchi Ko, A familiar Apple analyst, had previously claimed that the new iPhone SE would have a design similar to the current model with a 4.7-inch display, home button and thick bezels.

Apparently, the beating heart of this phone will be the powerful A15 chip, and with it, Qualcomm X60 modem will provide support for the fifth generation of mobile network (5G). The phone will probably be available to buyers with 64 GB of storage space and the same base price of the current model at $ 399.

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With the improved version of the iPhone SE, rumors have been circulating that Apple is developing another version of the iPhone 11 with a 6-inch LED display and support for Face ID and 5G technology. The device will reportedly be launched in 2023 and will be a new member of the SE family. The exact date for the unveiling and the exact price of this phone have not been determined yet; But it is possible that Apple will consider a good price tag for more competition in the intermediate market.

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