The Tehran E-commerce Association’s opposition to class internet

The issue of providing internet with fewer restrictions for some businesses in the technology field, which can initiate a disastrous event called the establishment of class internet, has caused great concern for users, technology activists and even the owners of these businesses.

After the negative reactions and objections raised in the virtual space by users and experts, many business owners related to technology criticized the provision of special internet to their collection and said “no” to class internet; Because these people believe that the Internet is a public platform that should be accessible to the public and not to private individuals.

Now, the Tehran Electronic Commerce Organization has reacted to the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčimplementing the class internet plan by issuing a statement and has opposed it. The text of this statement reads:

“Contradictory news is being heard about the definition of a plan called class internet. “Tehran Electronic Commerce Association is strongly opposed to the definition of any prioritization in Internet access and believes that this plan will add problems to the previous problems.”

In the announcement of the Tehran Computer Technologists Union, it is stated that “the competent authorities have recognized the business license holders of this union as the most efficient and legitimate activists in the field of technology and have realized the possibility of removing the platform filter for them.” The Electronic Commerce Association has considered this plan to be the cause of public dissatisfaction and wrote:

“The Electronic Commerce Association considers the adoption of this strategy to be irrational, unethical and unproductive. “Progressing projects like this deepens social divides more than in the past and causes public discontent to intensify.”

It is also mentioned in another part of this statement that the “normalization” of class internet and its induction as a way to manage the internet is to the detriment of all the active components of the ecosystem and will only weaken this industry in the long run.

Earlier, Seyed Hasan Hashemi, the head of the country’s computer system organization, announced in a tweet that this organization opposes the implementation of the class internet plan.

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