The teaser of the first Oppo Find N clamshell phone has been released as a possible competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3

Various rumors in 2021 indicate that Oppo will soon unveil its clamshell phone. Due to androidauthority, the company has just released a promotional teaser that shows the overall design of the Oppo Find N clamshell phone.

The teaser, which is shared on the company’s Weibo account, shows a folding screen that has a small external screen when folded. In fact, Oppo’s future clamshell phone is reminiscent of devices like Sony’s compact suite from years ago. So people who are not satisfied with the inappropriate dimensions of the current Samsung Z Fold folders may want to add this device to their favorites list.

You can watch the video of Oppo clamshell phone below:

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In this video, we also see the phone in the open mode, which shows a larger screen with a selfie camera in the upper left corner. The Oppo clamshell screen appears to be smaller than Samsung’s Galaxy Z3 Folder due to its compact screen size and overall dimensions. In addition, the video apparently shows that the phone has a fingerprint sensor on the side of the body, just like Samsung clamshell phones.

Oppo has confirmed in a video and post that it will provide more information on December 15 (December 24, 1400), the second day of the Inno Day Oppo event. So there is not much time left to learn more about the attractive Oppo clamshell phone.

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